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Synergistic effect of using the search engine advertisement along with the Reservation System resulted in leading half of their patients making their first reservations from the website!!

Providing high quality dental treatment in a comfortable room

By using the set plan of this Reservation System “Dentry” and the search engine advertisement, Teo Dental Office is succeeded to get (recruit) more new patients and also reduced the workload at the reception. They treat almost all dental problems like decayed teeth, periodontal disease,malocclusion correcting, orthodontics, and even dental implant, where high level
skills are required to treat these problems.They have special equipments such as “Family-friendly private room”and “Dental CT that allows precise and reliable dental diagnosis” ,which can be used to treat all kinds of patients with any dental problems. We interviewed Dr. Hiroshi Komatsu about the reason behind the implementation of this Reservation System and its evaluation.

Sufficient treatment for all patients
What kind of treatment does TEO Dental Office provide and what is special about it?
3Dr.Komatsu: Our clinic was established in 2003 at a location where patients can
easily get accessed to(approx. 10 mins of walk) from the Komazawa University train
station .
The monthly Fee for the Search Engine advertisement and the Reservation System is only 100,000 yen.
Why did you choose the to use the Reservation System “Dentry”?
4Dr.Komatsu: The reason why we chose “Dentry” was that we could order it along with the Search Engine Advertisement as a package. Before we order the package, we didn’t even have time besides our work to consider how to build an effective website. It was very helpful for us that the system provide further supports. As a result, the numbers of new patients was increased.Also, by implementing the Reservation System “Dentry”, the workload at the reception was reduced, so we decided to start using these service.
Enables us to obtain the trend of gathering new patients
What are the benefits of using the Search Engine Advertisement?
5Dr.Komatsu: We started our website Advsertisement in 2013. We were suprised by the fact that almost half of our patients made their first reservations from our website. This was a remarkable change comparing to when we mostly received reservations by call. Although we almost left everything on our website such as its design, texts and so on to them(Dentry), they had made a very effective website, and was much better than what we expected. Another thing we like about it is that we can monitor its effect clearly. They provide us with monthly reports such as the number of access to our website and searched keywords, these information are very useful for us to see what are required for our website.
Efficient information for management
What is your impression of the system “Dentry”?
8Dr.Komatsu: Now I’m also using the consulting service for our website as well. They give us sufficient and precise suggestions so that we can make our patients to become interested in our service and website.I really appreciate it. Actually, the average dwell time on our website increased from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. By connecting with advertisement, the number of unique uses (people visited our website) increased rapidly. Now, there are about 100 people visiting our website every day.
We are expecting a lot about this Reservation System!
What is your plan for the future and what do you expect from “Dentry”?
6Dr.Komatsu: I heard that “Dentry” will be released in March 2016 and it will have more specific functions for Dentist. What I am expecting for “Dentry” is its adaptability to more complicated reservations (reservations that required an interval period between appointments), such as dental Implant surgery or Root canal treatment. We will keep providing professional treatment to all patients.It would be greatly appreciated if “Dentry” could provide us with further support in the future.
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Reservation System with Advertisement(for Dental Clinic)